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Why Stay With Us


Holistic Well-Being Experience

Welcome to a world of body and soul wellness where outstanding natural beauty meets a healing philosophy which will both energize and help you find your balance. Enjoy yoga at our laid-back environment, discover healing Greek signature or vegan treatments at our exquisite spa, try our healthy culinary delights and energizing drinks and live the Greek holiday experience to your core.

Authentic Greek Hospitality with Elevated Services

Local and natural materials create an ultra-chic environment with a hint of Greek charm hidden in every corner. Enjoy serene moments breathing in the philosophy and the values of the Greek islandsway of life and hospitality and discover the pure and wild beauty of Greece. Lay back and let our experienced concierge team take the extra step to make you feel pampered and cared-of.

Outstanding Culinary Journey

Our cuisine is focused on well-being, with a lot of healthy treats and fine dining choices, and it is safe to say that our executive chef makes dining at Gennadi Grand an experience on its own that will dazzle even the most demanding palates. Balanced meals, carefully prepared with only the best raw materials, locally sourced ingredients and high-tech techniques are going to make your holiday an unforgettable culinary journey.

We Care About The Future

At Gennadi Grand we boast not only state-of-the-art facilities and impeccable services but also respect for the environment and the future of the planet. We have installed an ultra-modern energy management system that in combination with our large glass panels that make maximum use of natural daylight as well as our green roof ensure extreme energy efficiency.

We pump water from the sea and apply advanced technology to make it suitable for use throughout the premises, we use locally sourced ingredients to minimize food-related transportation emissions and we have installed a high-tech waste management system ensuring a low carbon footprint for our hotel and your holiday.