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Indulge in a luxury well-being escape at the elegant Rooms and Suites of Gennadi Grand Resort

Gennadi Grand Resort boasts a great variety of sophisticated vacation accommodation choices. The premium, elegant resort is a treat for mind, body and spirit, with a strong emphasis on comfort for everyone who seeks perfect services and pristine facilities. All rooms include a shower instead of a tub, to save precious natural resources.

The rooms are spacious and minimally decorated, inviting you to reconnect with nature and your deeper self, in a haven of ample Mediterranean light and natural touches. Green elements cleverly incorporated in the design create a feeling of cool freshness, offering an alluring oasis in the summer heat. Enjoy a complimentary espresso with the quality guarantee of Nespresso coffee makers in the privacy of your room.

The zen outdoor design blends traditional island architecture with contemporary luxury while the minimal interior exudes a coziness that reflects the natural perfection of the island.

Private and shared pools, sun-kissed patios, little beach and garden alleys create a precious retreat experience that will relax body and soul, engulfed by the unique atmosphere of Rhodes island.