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Treat yourself with precious moments

Pampering Spa treatments for your mind, your body and your soul!

Step into the lavish Spa and Health Club of the Gennadi Grand Resort; breathe in and let the soothing sound of relaxation slowly take all your daily stress away. In an environment designed with attention to detail to promote inner balance and harmony, the Spa and Health Club offers signature rituals, facials and body treatments focused on releasing stress and tension and revitalizing your senses. Here, you can leave all else behind and focus on what is truly important, your body’s and your mind’s wellness, surrounded by the ethereal beauty of the sea and the energizing powers of the sun.

Let yourself in the capable hands of our experienced, certified therapists who have created a welcoming ambiance immersed in lulling sounds, mood-boosting fragrances and harmonious lighting. Allow your senses to relax and elevate to realms of utter indulgence, slowly letting go of the draining demands of everyday life. Your face, your body and your mind are in good hands. Select any of the exquisite rituals or treatments of the Gennadi Grand Resort Spa and Health Club which include the luxurious heat experiences and the indoor pool.

Your quest for inner balance and harmony goes beyond that. Add finishing touches to your presence, and feel beautiful and rejuvenated inside and out! Our hair, nail and make-up will add stylish elements to your look for a comprehensive feeling of perfection! For wedding parties and other events, it is advisable to book your appointments in advance. The Spa and Health Club of Gennadi Grand Resort is your new found paradise of self-care, a place where nothing else matters but you! The Spa and Health Club of Gennadi Grand Resort is operated by a third party vendor, namely Thalasso Spa.

Free of charge you can enjoy the fully equipped Fitness Room

ThalassoSpa has been inspired since 1991 by it’s origin, the beauty of it’s history, the sea, the sun and the nature of it’s blessed land, Greece.

By the years we have developed a philosophy of using natural, exquisite ingredients, authentic products such as oils and herbs, botanical plants and flowers from around our lands that can provide inspiration to our spas.
We specialize in seasonal and signature treatments. Experiencing the countryside of Rhodes Island, many of our signature treatments have welcomed local crops. Taught from our history, from the gods and goddesses of ancient Greece to the modern days of today and it’s demands, we focus on bringing balance of nature, sea and sun to our treatments for a healthier target and result. Our spa teams are well trained and always up to date, following the procedures and protocols of the ThalassoSpa philosophy and respect to all. 

Our products are free from any Parabens, SLS, MI (Methylisothiazolinone) or MCI and they have not been tested on animals.

The ThalassoSpa team will be looking forward on welcoming you to the Gennadi Grand Resort.  Indulge your body, mind and soul as a Greek god and goddess.

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